The Money Trader novel is a romantic fantasy—a story about life and love, about faith and hope…and personal redemption.

On a borrowed $25,000, newly-minted speculator Jake Buchanan makes over five million dollars on a huge speculative trade in the silver market. Before long he is trading and making more money than he ever imagined possible. Just when he thinks he has it all—money, a drop-dead gorgeous wife and a burgeoning new career—his luck abruptly changes.


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Fans of life in the fast lane will find much to enjoy.

Maybe his luck’s changing; maybe it isn’t. Readers will hope Jake finds true love, as Anderson skillfully pulls us into his life with riveting portrayals of a trader’s grim setbacks and exhilarating successes. Brutal markets and beautiful women in a bighearted debut featuring a daring trader with tastes for luxury and getting rich quickly.

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Smart and ironic, a sunny kind of romantic fantasy. A story about faith, hope and love. Five stars!

This is a great book. It’s a tight richly textured story with a varied cast of characters that entertain and come alive on every page. Our hero Jake appears hapless—and at times even a bit comical—but he is always entertaining. And the back story about Jake’s family and his meeting Janet is good stuff.

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