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Fans of life in the fast lane will find much to enjoy.

Maybe his luck’s changing; maybe it isn’t. Readers will hope Jake finds true love, as Anderson skillfully pulls us into his life with riveting portrayals of a trader’s grim setbacks and exhilarating successes.

Brutal markets and beautiful women in a bighearted debut featuring a daring trader with tastes for luxury and getting rich quickly.

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Kirkus Reviews

Smart and ironic, a sunny kind of romantic fantasy. A story about faith, hope and love. Five stars!!

This is a great book. Its a tight richly textured story with a varied cast of characters that entertain and come alive on every page.

Our hero Jake appears hapless—and at times even a bit comical—but he is always entertaining. And the back story about Jake’s family and his meeting Janet is good stuff.

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The Story

The Money Trader

The Money Trader novel is a comic up and down romp, a fun story about life in the fast lane, and the accidents that can happen and the tricks that fate and bad fortune will inevitably play on you just when you think you're invincible.

On a borrowed $25,000, newly minted speculator Jake Buchanan makes over five million dollars on huge speculative trade in the silver market. Before long he is trading and making more money than he ever imagined possible. Just when he thinks he has it all—money, a drop-dead gorgeous wife and a burgeoning new career—his luck abruptly changes.

Over a grinding three years he loses everything, his money, his wife, most of his friends, and all his self-confidence. Jake is down, but not out. The archetypal underdog hero, he's a kind of Rocky Balboa in pinstripes. And like Rocky, Jake fights—sometimes comically but always heroically—to make a comeback.

Then—with help from a truly unexpected source—Jake makes a score in the 1987 stock market crash. Financially, he's back on his feet. But will our lonely hero finally find love and happiness?

At the heart of the story is Jake's involvement with two rather extraordinary women, his steely but still loyal ex-wife Janet, and Denise—a vivacious Latin beauty.

The Money Trader is a must-read novel for anyone who has ever known the sweet taste of success, the bitter disappointment of defeat, the empty isolation of being alone, and the pure joy of being in love.

The Author

Jerry Anderson

Jerry Anderson is a commodity broker and trader, former stockbroker, and writer. He lives in Minnesota on Loring Park near downtown Minneapolis, and he's still active in the markets.

The Money Trader is his first published book, a story about money and greed.

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